Crafting Your Whimsical Disney Wedding in the UK

Crafting Your Whimsical Disney inspired wedding

A Disney-inspired wedding is a dream come true for many couples who grew up enchanted by the magic of Disney films. Planning this type of wedding in the UK allows you to blend the allure of Disney with the charm of British venues, delicious food, and enchanting decor. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how to create your very own Disney-inspired wedding, from choosing the perfect dresses to discovering enchanting venues, designing dreamy cakes, crafting delightful menus, and sprinkling fairy dust on your decor, get ready for a journey filled with enchantment, joy, and a dash of Disney magic. This article is brought to you from the team at Aurora Bridal, the leading London Wedding Dress Shop stocking a stunning collection of wedding dresses for every bridal princess!

First Up - Dresses That Make You Feel Like A Princess

In the world of Disney-inspired wedding dresses, you become the star of your own fairy tale. Imagine twirling in a gown adorned with golden embroidery, a train that seems to go on forever, and a tiara that practically whispers “princess.” This Belle-inspired creation captures the elegance of “Beauty and the Beast,” letting you shine as the belle of the ball…

An alternative that we have always loved here at our London bridal boutique is the Cinderella legendary ballgown! You can live that dream in a gown adorned with sparkling crystals that make you feel like you’ve just stepped into your own fairy tale, ready for a magical night at the royal ball.

For those who long to embrace their inner ice queen, an ice-blue, silver, or sparkling gown with shimmering details and perhaps even a flowing cape is the perfect choice. Channel the elegance of Elsa from “Frozen” as you make your way down the aisle, leaving a trail of frosty enchantment behind you. The Stella York Sadie is a beautiful shimmery example of how to have a nod to Elsa without having to go full on “Frozen!” You can book to visit us in our London bridal boutique to try on this style and so many more.

Dive into the deep with a mermaid-style dress adorned with sequins and pearls, capturing the essence of the ocean just like our favourite red-haired mermaid, Ariel. This choice embodies the spirit of “The Little Mermaid” and will have you feeling like you’re under the sea. The Justin Alexander Giza is the perfect example of this…

Alternatively, keep it classic with a traditional dress in pristine white as a nod to the lovely Sleeping Beauty. You’ll exude timeless grace on your special day. We have so many of this style to try in our bridal studio, but this Ronald Joyce design is just dreamy…

Discovering Enchanting UK Venues Inspired by Disney

Imagine exchanging vows in a bona fide castle, where centuries of history whisper in every stone. Venues like Warwick Castle or Hever Castle offer the chance to say “I do” in surroundings that feel straight out of a Disney film. The castle’s grandeur and romantic ambiance will create a fairy tale wedding experience.

For a touch of whimsy, consider a charming manor house surrounded by gardens that seem plucked from the pages of a storybook. Your wedding will feel like a Disney garden party, complete with lush greenery and blooming flowers. Dartmouth House in London is a beautiful choice where the country comes to the City…

If you’ve always imagined a regal setting fit for a Disney princess, venues like Hampton Court Palace will make your dreams come true. With its opulent architecture and sprawling grounds, you’ll feel like royalty on your special day. For those enchanted by “Snow White” or “Tangled,” a woodland venue like Epping Forest offers a natural and magical setting. The towering trees and rustic charm will transport you to a world of fantasy.

Disney-Inspired Cakes

Now, let’s talk about the pièce de résistance – your Disney-inspired wedding cake! Craft a show-stopping cake that captures the essence of Disney magic. Embrace the enchantment of “Beauty and the Beast” with a cake adorned with edible sugar roses…This creation will have your guests under its spell, just like the enchanted rose in the Beast’s castle. The Elegant Rose Cake Studio are Peterboroughs best wedding cake designer for Disney inspired cakes – as the Founder Lisa Reeves is also a true Disney fan!

The sky is the limit when it comes to making your cake Disney inspired – simply think the bigger the better! Tiers, sugar detailing and pipework – all of these intricate details will make your wedding cake feel like a Disney movie.

Disney-Inspired Food to Delight Your Guests

The magic doesn’t stop with the cake. Your menu can also feature Disney-inspired delights that will leave your guests enchanted. Start with character-themed appetisers like Mickey Mouse-shaped finger foods or “Grey Stuff” inspired by Lumière’s famous line in “Beauty and the Beast.” For drinks, create signature cocktails named after your favourite Disney princesses, such as “Belle’s Rose Martini” or “Ariel’s Ocean Breeze.” These cocktails will not only taste delicious but also add a whimsical touch to your reception! Consider serving dishes that pay tribute to Disney classics. For example, a “Be Our Guest” feast inspired by the French cuisine in “Beauty and the Beast” or a seafood extravaganza reminiscent of Prince Eric’s seaside kingdom from “The Little Mermaid.” Also don’t forget a fairy tale dessert buffet! Offer Disney-inspired treats like Cinderella’s glass slipper cookies, Snow White’s apple-shaped pastries, or Tangled-themed cupcakes. These delightful desserts will add a magical touch to your reception.

Disney Wedding Decor and Whimsy

Transform your wedding venue into an enchanting wonderland with whimsical decor. Create an enchanted forest setting with lush greenery, twinkling fairy lights, and wooden accents. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by nature’s beauty, just like a Disney princess.

Incorporate Disney-themed tablescapes that bring your favourite characters to life. Use imaginative centerpieces and table settings that transport your guests into a whimsical world. From Disney figurines to elegant tableware, let your imagination run wild. We love this Beauty & The Beast inspired tablescape…

If you are serious about getting your guests involved, then why not set up a photo booth with Disney-themed props and backdrops, allowing guests to capture lasting memories in true Disney style. From Mickey ears to tiaras, let your guests embrace their inner Disney characters!

Once Upon a Dream: Crafting Your Whimsically Disney Wedding in the UK

Your Disney-inspired wedding can become a tale as old as time, filled with enchantment, love, and a touch of Disney magic. From dresses that make you feel like royalty to venues that transport you to a world of fantasy, and from cakes that sparkle to decor that adds whimsy, your big day will be a magical experience like no other. So, let the magic of Disney and the charm of a wedding in the UK weave a story that you, your partner, and your guests will cherish forever. Once upon a dream indeed – to find your dream Disney wedding dress book an appointment with us at Aurora Bride – our convenient London location makes for a perfect day out!

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