A Week in the Life at The Elegant Rose Cake Studio

Hi' I'm Lisa!

If you’re new here, then let me introduce myself.  I’m a Cambridgeshire based luxury wedding cake maker, specialising in sugar flowers (especially roses) for bespoke weddings at stately homes and country houses. That’s definitely my vibe!

I work from my home studio where I find absolute solace and calm in creating magnificent wedding cakes for you and your guests. I only take on 1 wedding each week, meaning that when I’m in the kitchen, yours is the only order I’m focusing on!


Monday is when I start the sugar work!

Mondays can be a bit of a slog for some, but I absolutely love setting up all my equipment and getting to work on some beautiful sugar flowers for your cake. It’s so therapeutic!

Tuesday is normally an admin day if I'm honest!


Wednesday is for… baking! You wouldn’t believe the amount of sugar, flour, eggs and butter I have in my kitchen at any one time. But it’s with all of that loveliness that your cake is created, so I’d better get to work!

Thursday – It’s all about the ganache...

Underneath the smooth fondant is a luxurious layer of ganache which is made up of the quality Belgian chocolate and double cream to create a smooth white chocolate ganache layer to compliment the fondant finish.


This is the intricate part, covering the cakes with fondant icing. It’s pretty easy to work with but it has to be exact to achieve that seamless look.


Set up at your venue! I take the cake in individual tiers and assemble it on site so that there’s no risk of accidents on the way there! I take real pride in setting up and perfecting your cake display so that it’s absolutely perfect for you and your guests.

Setting up perfectly at your venue...

To enquire for your luxury wedding cake – get in touch!

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