3 Reasons You Should Have Edible Wedding Favours

To favour or not to favour? That is often the question facing couples today when planning their wedding. I’m firmly in the “to favour” camp, and believe that edible wedding favours can really add something special to your wedding tablescape. Here’s 3 reasons why…

1. They're environmentally friendly

Edible wedding favours are a brilliant option if you want a low waste wedding. I love baking bespoke wedding favour cookies for my couples, decorated with their initials or wedding date.

You can also cut down on waste by using wedding favour cookies as name places too – it’s a more bespoke option with some forward planning required but create an edible welcome to the table for your guests.

2. Edible wedding favours make your day memorable

Your guests will undoubtedly remember your wedding – every one is unique after all! I’ve often found it’s the little touches that guests remember, besides the couple of course, and that are a talking point for the weeks and months afterwards.

3. They’re super yummy!

What a welcome to the wedding breakfast for your guests to find an edible wedding favour at their place? Whether you choose to go for cookies or macarons, I guarantee your favours will be enjoyed by all!

I hope this has helped you move into the “to favour” camp, it’s lovely to have you here!

Lisa x

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