10 wedding gift ideas for vintage lovers!

This article has been provided by vintage furniture artist Andi Gregg – Lincolnshire based artist who specialises in vintage hand painted bird furniture designs, artwork and fabrics – which make for perfect wedding gifts for vintage lovers!

10 wedding gift ideas for vintage lovers!

If you are attending a wedding for someone who has a love for all things retro, eclectic and vintage, then these 10 wedding gift ideas for vintage lovers will give you the ultimate inspiration! From record players to iconic vintage furniture, there is a gift here for all budgets, perfect for those that love the vintage lifestyle. I’m Andi, vintage lover and professional furniture restyler, and I have loved collating these ideas for you. When it comes to weddings, there is so much opportunity to gift something both impactful and meaningful, and that is what I have focussed on with this inspiration list.

1: Antique Map or Globe

Gift the couple a vintage map or globe from their favourite era or location. It can add a touch of old-world charm to their home décor – and could be a perfect way for them to signal the next part of their journey as a married couple. Don’t be afraid to go into discovery mode at local charity shops and flea markets for this type of gift, there are some gorgeous treasures to pick up that will be loved by your vintage enthusiasts!

2. Vintage Record Player

A classic vinyl record player will make a unique and nostalgic gift for a couple who loves vintage music and collecting records. To make the gift even more personalised you could accompany it with a record that reminds you of the couple – which will add to their memory bank forever and completely cement your connection to their big day.

3. Customised Vintage Book Set

A unique idea would be to create a set of vintage books customised with the couple’s names and wedding date. They can use it as a decor piece or cherish it as a keepsake. There are some amazing independent artists that create these designs – check out Instagram or Pinterest for tonnes of inspiration.

4. Retro Camera

A vintage film camera will be perfect for capturing timeless moments on their honeymoon or in their everyday lives. There has been a real movement towards using film again with cameras and taking candid shots which can be developed with that element of surprise. This is a gift which would be really treasured and you can source them according to your budget too.

5. Handcrafted Vintage Jewellery

For something really special and intimate you could seek out artisanal jewellery pieces inspired by antique designs. A vintage necklace or bracelet can be a lovely addition to their wedding trousseau, or perhaps a vintage pocket watch for the groom. The joy of this as a gift is that the journey to discover the perfect pieces is just as much fun as the actual gifting! Being able to browse through vintage markets, antique shops and bazaars is such a wonderful experience, and you will be gifting something truly personal which is very special.

6. Vintage Tea Set

For the ultimate 1950s vibe why not delight the couple with a beautiful vintage tea set that they can use during cosy tea time together? Charity shops and online marketplaces are an amazing source for finding tea sets which make incredible wedding gifts.

7. Vintage Painted Furniture

For the ultimate in vintage design, why not consider commissioning an artist like myself to create a custom hand painted furniture design? From gorgeous bureaus for the living room, statement drinks cabinets for their entertaining space through to beautiful vintage dressing tables with iconic mirrors, there is a real opportunity to gift the ultimate in vintage style with a design that truly represents the couple you are so generously gifting. Get in touch if this is something you would like to chat about…

8. Old-fashioned Board Games

Gift a collection of vintage board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Chess for them to enjoy together during their leisure time. This is a fun and affordable option which will be enjoyed by the couple for years to come after their big day.

9. Vintage-inspired Luggage Set

A stylish set of vintage suitcases can be a practical and nostalgic gift, perfect for their honeymoon travels or future adventures. You can source these from reclamation yards and flea markets as well as online spaces – making the shopping for them as fun as the giving of the gift!

10. Retro Kitchen Appliances

For those that are looking to set up home, then vintage-style kitchen appliances like a toaster, blender, or coffee maker can add a touch of nostalgia to their kitchen. There are so many designs that combine functionality with the vintage vibe so you can find a gift that marries vintage with mod-cons beautifully (pardon the pun!)

10 wedding gift ideas for vintage lovers!

An important thing to remember when looking for wedding gift ideas for vintage lovers is to consider the couple’s preferences and the era they particularly adore when choosing any of these unusual wedding gift ideas. Personalising the gift with their names or wedding date can make it even more special and memorable. If you have been inspired by all things vintage and would like to chat about an art or furniture commission then please do reach out and connect – I would love to chat to you!

Andi xx

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